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  • What We Do

    We provide integrated services from consulting on your technology strategy, enabling cost effective collection of big data to delivering meaningful insights from drone data through automated analytics tools. Our portfolio is completed by easy accessible multi-cloud services and a secure and compliant data storage. With our expertise in IoT, Big Data, Drones, Cloud Computing, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Automation and Cyber Security and in collaboration with our strategic partners, we help to innovate your business for the future.


    Big Data Analytics

    Drone Data adds a new horizon for Big Data Analytics as drone produced data sets continue to swell in size from megabytes to gigabytes and beyond. We are on a mission to enable enterprises to receive the value of integrating big data captured by drones into their operations to help make effective decisions, simplify objectives, and create safe outcomes through the help of drone innovation

  • Efficient Data Management

    We provide a universal platform for big data analytics based on machine learning that stores, explores and presents data in ways that provide the most intelligent inside. Our platform is used by organizations across various sectors including construction business, agriculture and forestry, design, surveying, asset management, transport infrastructure, real estate management, insurance and the public sector.

    We turn technology into business outcomes by delivering information management, business intelligence and analytic solutions under one umbrella.


  • Use Cases



    Easily monitor large-scale assets, plants, properties and structures. Discover and explore built environments such as entire cities. Analyze structures, relations and configurations. Ensure legal and structural safeguarding, management and monitoring. Used for tracking public works, tracking construction defects, vandalism detection.


    Gain new insights into data through such as roof topologies, vegetation, terrains, and the configuration of cities.


    Determine the degree of changes in real-time. Discover crucial, dangerous, risky, or irregular deviations. Used for efficient updating of existing cadaster data, natural disaster management, illegal construction, tax compliance, fraud detection.


    Easily audit immense infrastructure networks. Gain instant insights into network improvement requirements. Used for automatic, accurate and predictive maintenance of infrastructure networks as an essential part for digitization.


    Automatically identify, classify, evaluate and monitor change of vegetation objects and biomass for forest management and vegetation management. New opportunities for urban planning and landscape architecture as well as risk, maintenance and asset management. Vegetation Analytics reduces manual effort and, at the same time, increases speed, transparency and accuracy.


    Efficiently determine the condition of various systems, including roads, mines and pipeworks. Constantly monitor and document changes to minimize disruption of normal system operations. Enable improved maintenance planning to ensure maximum availability, safety, and increased lifetime of systems.

  • How it works



    We offer tailor-made services in Consultancy, Project Management, Business & Technical Development and Strategic Partnerships.


    Data Capture

    We understand requirements and translate them into the right aircraft, sensor, and data solution. Equipment costs, software, taxes, insurance, and personnel can be financially challenging when collecting and analyzing aerial data. With this in mind, we offer flight servicing as the cost effective alternative.


    Data Processing & Analytics

    We implement most advanced Data Analytics Solutions to create unique insights and open up new opportunities through a digitized workflow and powerful Algorithms Automation Software extracting meaningful information. Once your flight is performed you can upload and store your data with reliable backup and restore procedures for sensitive data. Our proprietary algorithms letting you analyze, model and manage your drone data through real-time technology.


    Share & Apply Real Time Information

    We provide a secure online data transfer platform available as a central company or group solution or as a cloud-based data processing, analytics and reporting service. Share your data in the cloud or any other device and integrate aerial data into your existing business processes and systems. Our automated analysis tools for aerial data turns data into actionable insights. Apply this information to improve, resolve and monitor. Powerful insights that saves you money while increasing profits and productivity.

  • Internet of Things





  • Integration of Drones and the Internet of Things

    We see drones as part of the Internet of Things, unattended sensors connected to the internet that pass data to the cloud. UAV's open up a large number of IoT applications. Autonomous aircrafts serve as sensor platforms integrated with ground-based sensor networks through the IoT, providing detailed situation awareness over wide geographic areas.


    Drones can be used for dangerous or difficult inspection work, surveying, logistics and monitoring activity, asset performance data gathering, spare parts delivery, and more. They enable companies to gather data from video or thermal cameras, along with GPS positioning data, and to use the data to construct new and detailed digital models of industrial systems and assets. Flying robots can be integrated directly into the workflow of customers and help those businesses do things more easily and more efficiently. What unites these use cases is the role of the drone as a mobile edge device utilized for data gathering and improving asset performance, in a way that is both more productive, cost-efficient, and safer than traditional methods.

  • Smart City



  • Connecting UAVs as part of the smart city IoT solution

    In a “smart city” concept, a city will interconnect all public services using digital, information and communication technologies. The resulting enhancement in the quality and performance of urban services reduces cost and resource consumption within the city. Using sensors and real time monitoring systems, it is possible to process and analyse data collected in real time to enhance quality, performance, and interactivity of urban services while reducing the costs and consumption, creating a better life for citizens.

    While IoT is the key to building a smart city, emerging technologies such as UAVs can also play a role in providing real time monitoring information, helping to bring innovative ideas to life and accelerating the development of connected systems. For example, UAVs can help in monitoring environmental hazards and pollution, traffic management, construction site mapping and public safety, all of which contribute greatly to the development of any smart City.

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